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Thoughts for new Site

So, I am always looking for something to do.  I am a SAHM to 2 wonderful little men and love hanging out with my awesome husband.  I teach piano at my home and have been teaching for 20 years (minus 3-4 months)  I bake cakes too.  Love making fancy cakes by my design.  Don’t know where that’ll take me yet.  I also started a Mommy blog ( and put a few sponsors on there to make a couple of bucks.  But, more and more I see more moms being product reviewers and blogging about items and decided, this is the way to get started. 

Now, I’m going to completely overwhelm myself again by doing countless hours of online research to get myself involved.  I don’t want to do couponing and the like.  I want to review and giveaway stuff.  There are tons of couponers out there, and bless them, they rock.   Slowly, I’ll be taking the time to add them into their own sub-category here as well.  It’s amazing the types of relationships you can develop with these women on our day to day conversations and how much you get to know about them. 

That’s why I’m hoping to develop a whole other kind of blog that involves everyone, not just moms (even though, we do totally rock) and gets a great following.  Join along with me as I discover this wonderful world of blogging product reviews!